Renewals FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

KSBTP has a new Online Renewal and Address Change portal!

What if I can't get logged in?

The most common reasons you cannot log in are:

1.  You have not completed the online Registration process.  Please see the Renewals page for a Registration Instruction Guide.

2.  Your Social Security Number or Birth date are not on file with the Board office. Please choose other pieces of information for the registration search.

Do I need a printer available when I renew online?

You must have a printer available to print your confirmation.

Can I change my address online?

Yes. You can change your address at any time online, not just during your renewal period.

What is the renewal time period?

There is a 120 day renewal window. Renewals will be available online beginning 60 days before your expiration date and ending 60 days after your expiration date. After that time your license will be cancelled and you must reinstate. However, you cannot do work in Kansas after the expiration date.

Can I get an extension of my renewal time period?

No. There is a 60 day grace period built into the renewal process. If you do not renew your license within 60 days after the expiration date, your license will be cancelled. See the web page for a Reinstatement application.

If I have dual licenses can I renew both of them at the same time?

The windows for renewing may overlap. However, you must renew each license individually.

Can I renew my business entity's Certificate of Authorization online?

The schedule for business entities to renew is tied to the first letter of the name of the business entity. Names beginning with A-L renew by December 31 of even numbered years.  Names beginning with M-Z renew by December 31 of odd numbered years. You will need the Certificate of Authorization number and a Renewal ID or Registration Number, which is included in the renewal notice. Contact the Board office if you have questions.

How do I change my name?

You must contact the Board office.

What if I do not wish to renew my license?

You must send written notice to the Board office that you do not wish to renew your license.

How do I change from active status to inactive status?

On the Online Renewal "Questions" page you will be asked if you are selecting Inactive status.  Retired and Disabled licenses also will transition to Inactive status when renewing online. 

The paper renewal form will also offer the Inactive status option.  This will be for those who are currently in Retired or Disabled status, or those who wish to move into what was previously known as Retired or Disabled status.

How do I change from inactive status back to active status?

You must complete a Return to Practice application.

How do I change from active or retired to "Emeritus" status?

To change your license to Emeritus status you must fill out a one-time Emeritus Application and send to the Board office.  There is no renewal for this status.  There is no fee.  You must be 60 years of age and have no disciplinary action before the Board.

How do I change from emeritus status back to active status?

To change your license from emeritus status back to active status you will need to fill out a Reinstatement Application and submit it to the Board office.

Why should I renew online?

Online renewal is fast and convenient, saving time and resources.  For those licensees not making a status change your updated information should appear on the Licensure Search page within 5 minutes of completing the renewal process.

Is the application secure? has dealt in online government transactions since 1991. It has handled millions of dollars worth of e-government transactions. utilizes secure protocol for Internet transaction security. This protocol allows to deliver server authentication, data encryption and message integrity. Every step of the process, from the initial submission to the final settlement, has been built with the most advanced yet user-friendly security features available.

Why is another organization collecting renewal fees for the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions? is acting as an agent of the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions. will collect payment for the license before passing the information and fees along to Kansas State Board of Technical Professions.