Kansas State Board of Technical Professions - STATUTES




Technical professions; unlawful practice; representation and use of title. 


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Definitions. Amended July 1, 2009

State board of technical professions; purpose; membership; appointment; vacancies. 

Same; qualifications of members. 

Same; terms of members; vacancies; removal from office. 

Same; organization; election of officers; seal; rules; oath; meetings; quorum. 

Same; executive director, appointment and salary; compensation and expenses of members; personnel. 

Fees; disposition; technical professions fee fund; expenditures. Amended July 1, 2009
Roster; maintenance and filing; copies, availability, fees.


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Powers and duties of board. Amended July 1, 2009 


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Records of board; register; records as evidence.

Examination requirement. 

Applications for license; fee; time; reexamination.  Amended July 1, 2009

Architects; qualifications for licensure.
Landscape architects; qualifications for licensure.
Professional engineers; qualifications for licensure. Amended July 1, 2009
Land surveyors; qualifications for licensure. Ammended July 1, 2009

Examinations, time, place, scope, method of procedure; license, issuance, contents, evidence; seal, purchase and use, conditions.  Amended July 1, 2009

Exemptions from examination for licensure; reciprocity; certain license or certificate holders; fees; conditions. 

Expiration of license or certificate of authorization; notice; renewal; continuing education as condition for license renewal; reinstatement after failure to renew; fee for reinstatement; replacement license.Amended July 1, 2009 

Discipline of licensees or holders of certificates of authorization; suspension or revocation of licenses or certificates of authorization; grounds; reinstatement of license or certificate of authorization, fees. Amended July 1, 2009

Authority of board at hearings; witnesses, compulsory attendance.

Notice of denial, suspension or revocation of license or certificate of authorization; appeals. 

Unlawful acts; prosecution; assistance of attorney general and district or county attorney. Amended July 1, 2009
Civil enforcement of act.
Architecture; exemptions from requirements for licensure or certification; definitions. Amended July 1, 2009

Landscape architecture; exemptions from requirements for licensure or certification. 

Engineering; exemptions from requirements for licensure or certification.
Land surveying; exemptions from requirements for licensure or certification. Amended July 1, 2009
Act not applicable to certain practices and persons.
Practice of technical professions by business entity; conditions; application for certificate of authorization, contents; application fee; biennial information; business entity changes of principal, reporting; services business entity authorized to provide; application of section.

Rules and regulations for control of quality of surveying. 

Technical submissions; limitation on acceptance or approval by public officials; building permits, invalidity; immunity from liability

Civil penalties for violations; notice and hearing; disposition of fines and costs; determination of amount. 

Rights and privileges of licensees saved.
Geologists--qualification for licensure
Geologists--exemptions from requirements for licensure or certification
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Liability of licensed land surveyor


The laws highlighted in red above reflect the laws that are impacted by changes made in Senate Bill 349.

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