Renewal Information for Individual Licenses


Individuals must renew their Kansas professional license every two years to avoid expiration and/or cancellation.
Last names beginning with letters A-L renew in even-numbered years and last names beginning with letters M-Z renew in odd-numbered years. Each license type has it's own renewal period window (dates are listed below). Each renewal period allows 60 days to renew before license expiration and then an additional 60 day grace period  before license cancellation. If a license cancels due to non-renewal during the renewal period and grace period then the individual must apply for license reinstatement. You may not offer to practice with an expired or cancelled license.

Renewal Dates for 2022-2023:

License Type:

Renewal Opens:

License Expires:

Grace Period:

License Cancelled On:

Landscape Archs

November 1, 2022

December 31, 2022

January 1, 2023

March 2, 2023



January 31, 2023

March 31, 2023

April 1, 2023

May 31, 2023



March 1, 2023

April 30, 2023

May 1, 2023

June 30, 2023



May 1, 2023

June 30, 2023

July 1, 2023

August 31, 2023



May 1, 2023

June 30, 2023

July 1, 2023

August 31, 2023

Landscape Archs (M-Z)

November 1, 2023

December 31, 2023

January 1, 2024

March 2, 2024

Please submit a Individual Paper Renewal Form if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • If you would like to request your license be in Inactive status. 
  • If you have been convicted of a felony or had any disciplinary or administrative action taken against your license in Kansas or any other jurisdiction since your last renewal (include supporting documentation).
  • If you wish to not renew online.

To renew online: 

Online renewal portal button

Payment Options: 

Current renewal fee is $70.00.

When renewing online you must pay by card (+$1.75 processing fee) or electronic check (+$1.25 processing fee). 
If mailing a paper renewal form you must enclose a check or money order made payable to the Board.

Continuing Education Information: 

You will be required to certify that you have complied with the Board's continuing education requirements to renew your license. For more information please view  Continuing Education Guidelines and Continuing Education Rules and Regulations .

If you have not yet completed the continuing education
required to renew you may opt to place your license into Inactive Status by renewing via  paper form and selecting the “I request my license be placed into INACTIVE status” checkbox. A renewal fee is still required or the license will not be renewed into the Inactive status. You may not practice or offer to practice in Kansas while in Inactive status. Upon completion of the required continuing education simply submit a Return to Practice application to request your license be placed in Active status again.

If this is the first renewal of your professional license no continuing education is due. Select that you have met the Board's continuing education requirements and submit payment.

Renewal Notices and Pocket Cards:

An Official Renewal Notice is mailed to the preferred mailing address on file within two weeks of the renewal portal opening. The official renewal notice contains all registration information necessary to create a login for online renewal; This registration information is also necessary if you need to reset your user ID or password. 

Pocket cards are e-mailed within seven business days after license renewal whether you renew by paper or online. If renewing online you will also receive a payment confirmation page directly after submitting your renewal and payment; This page confirms your successful renewal and we recommend you save it for your records! You are also able to check the status of your license 24/7 on our Online Individual License Search
 page that is updated in real time. 


Contact Board staff by e-mail at or by phone (785) 296-3053.