WELCOME to the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions!  Check out this new web site for licensing information for the following professions:   Architecture, Engineering, Geology, Landscape Architecture and Surveying in addition to the Business Entities for these professions.  

Announcements & News


    Renewals for Professional Engineers for last names beginning with M-Z are due by April 30, 2015.  The ONLINE RENEWAL process may be found at the RENEWAL tab listed above in the navigation bar.

    The KSBTP JANUARY 2015 NEWSLETTER has been posted.  Current and Past Newsletters are available at the "NEWSLETTERS" link on this web page.  Anyone who would like to receive a newsletter may sign up in the lower right column of this web page.

    The "Licensure Search" Quick link allows users to search for information on licensed professionals.  When searching by license number please be sure to type the correct title abbreviation prior to the license number, for example PE1234.  Abbreviations for each profession are:

    Professional Engineers (PE)
    Professional Surveyors (PS)
    Professional Geologist (PG)
    Architects (A)
    Landscape Architects (LA)

    Status Definitions

    • Active:  Licensee may practice a technical profession in the state of Kansas.  Active licensees are subject to all renewal and continuing education requirements.
    • Inactive:  Licensee may not practice a technical profession in the state of Kansas.  Renewal fees are still paid but licensees are exempt from continuing education requirements while in this status.  Inactive status is normally used as a way to prevent a license from being cancelled and the need to be reinstated.
    • Emeritus:  Licensee may not practice a technical profession in the state of Kansas, however, may use their professional title in conjunction with the word “Emeritus”.  Emeritus licenses are exempt from renewal fees and continuing education requirements.  License does not expire or need to be renewed.  Applicants for Emeritus status must be at least 60 years old.
    • Cancelled:  Licensee no longer holds a professional license and cannot practice a technical profession in the state of Kansas.  Cancelled licensees must complete a Reinstatement application process before their licenses can become Active.  
    • Pending:  An application for a professional license has been submitted but is not complete.  This can mean that supporting documents are missing from an application or that an applicant is currently in the exam process.  An applicant may not practice until a license is Active.  In many cases if a Pending status is more than a year old then a new application must be submitted.  Please contact the Board office if you have any questions regarding a Pending status.


    At a special Board Meeting of the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions today, May 19, 2014, the Board approved the following statement to address recent concerns regarding Senate Bill 349 which will go into effect on July 1, 2014.

    "With Governor Brownback signing SB349 on April 17, 2014, the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions (KSBTP) completed four years of effort to update Kansas Statutes 74-7001 to 74-7046 which authorize the Board to administer and enforce the licensure of five technical professions within the State of Kansas.  During this time period, Board representatives met numerous times with six professional societies representing the five technical professions to receive their input and agreement.  The new law is effective on July 1, 2014.

    Recently concerns have arisen about the interpretation of certain provisions of SB349. Based on the KSBTP interpretation of the statutes, the KSBTP will not pursue any properly Kansas licensed Architect, Landscape Architect, Professional Engineer, Professional Geologist, or Professional Surveyor for preparing, sealing, and submitting any plan, drawings, specifications and/or technical submittals resulting from professional services within their individual area of expertise.  If further clarification of the statutes is necessary, then legislation will be requested and pursued during the 2015 Kansas legislative session.

    KSBTP Statutes, Rules and Regulations


    Need to search for a licensed professional?  Download a new, free app for iPhone and Android users.  Visit your app store and download "MyLicense Verification".  

    "MyLicense Verification" allows users to search and view information about licensed professionals in multiple states.  Information includes license type and number, issue and expiration date, status, and other features.

Upcoming Deadlines & Meetings

The deadline for a completed application for the October 2015 NCEES PE/PS exam is June 15, 2015.  Applications are now being accepted for those who meet the experience requirement.

The deadline for a completed application for the October FG/PG exam is July 1, 2015.  Applications are now being accepted for those who meet the experience requirment.

The next KSBTP Board meeting is July 10, 2015 in Topeka, Kansas.

The Kansas Licensure Recognition Ceremony for Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, and Professional Surveyors will be held on July 10, 2015 at the Kansas State Historical Society Museum in Topeka, KS.

Please contact the Board office for more information.  


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