Renew Your Individual License


KSBTP Has a New Online Renewal Portal!  

Users will first have to register by creating a User ID, Password and Security Question.

This software is designed to work best with Internet Explorer Version 10 and Version 11.

The Kansas Board of Technical Professions has created this site to give licensees the opportunity to perform any of the following actions:

  • Renew your license during your renewal window ($70 renewal fee)

What's Required

  • KSBTP License Number (you will need to include the letter(s) before the number, Architect (A), Professional Engineer (PE), Professional Geologist (PG), Landscape Architect (LA) and Professional Surveyor (PS))
  • Social Security Number (9 digit number must be on file with KSBTP office)
  • Birth Date
  • Renewal ID (found on renewal form)
  • Registration Code (found on renewal form)
  • Credit Card or Checking Account Information
  • Printer or e-mail address for confirmation

For more detailed instructions for Registration, Online Renewals, and Information Updates please see the documents below:


On September 26, 2014 K.A.R. 66-6-10(b) became effective creating an INACTIVE status for licensees renewing on or after November 1, 2014.  If your license was previously on Retired or Disabled status it will transition to Inactive status during the online renewal process.  If you are currently on Active status and would like to change your status to Inactive (formerly Retired or Disabled) you must contact the KSBTP office and request a paper renewal.

If you are currently on Retired or Disabled status and would like to return to active status you will need to complete a Return to Practice application and submit it to the Board office.

Renewal Schedule (by midnight CST)

  • Professional Surveyor | March 31st
  • Professional Engineer | April 30th
  • Architect | June 30th
  • Professional Geologist | June 30th
  • Landscape Architect | December 31st
  • A-L renew in even numbered years
  • M-Z renew in odd numbered years

Who CANNOT Renew Online: 
Contact KSBTP for instructions at 785-296-3053 or

In some cases, individuals are not eligible to renew their license online. DO NOT proceed if:

  • It is more than 60 days past your expiration date.
  • You are currently undergoing an audit for continuing education by KSBTP.
  • You have been convicted of a felony.
  • You have had administrative action or disciplinary action commenced against you since the last renewal period by this or any other licensing Board.


The renewal fee is $70. If you are currently 70 years of age the renewal fee is $5.00.  Please be aware when you renew online you will be charged a processing fee.  For credit card users this fee will be $1.75 (13 cents for those 70 years of age and over) and for electronic check users the fee will be $1.25.


*PLEASE NOTE* This is a new system and first time users will have to click "Register a Person" to create a User Name and Password. This will take you to a screen which will prompt you to search for yourself.  Please be aware that if you enter information that is not in our database, such as a DOB, the system will not be able to find you.  For best results enter your Registration Code and Renewal ID only.

We accept the following cards for payment of the renewal fee: 

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express