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Fundamentals of surveying
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1:  Kansas-Specific Minimum Standards On-Line Class (KSLS Foundation) 

2:  Salina Seminar Series (KSLS), January 12 & 14, 2017. Minimum standards Class presented by Jason Johnson, PS1410

3:  Kansas Minimum Standard for Boundary Surveys and Mortgagee Title Inspections Standards of Practice.
     Presented by Bill Haverkamp, PS886 ( )
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additional forms
Reinstatement Application
If your Kansas Professional Surveyor license has lapsed or been cancelled, you must complete the Reinstatement Application.  The fee is $100.

Return to Practice Application
If your Professional Surveyor license has been on Inactive status, you must complete the Return to Practice Application to change your license to Active status.  Continuing education is required for Active status.

Emeritus Status Application
A Professional Surveyor who chooses this status may not work in Kansas, however they may use their professional title in conjunction with the word "emeritus."  No renewal required.

Professional Surveyor Paper Renewal Form
Application must be completely filled out. Incomplete applications will be returned. Please print, sign, seal and mail along with the fee to the Board. 

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Please note: To download applications, Adobe Acrobat Reader for your version of Windows is required. If you do not have this reader, click here and follow directions for installation. After form has downloaded, complete the forms and print.

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