Continuing Education Guidelines

Continuing Education is required for Biennial Renewal of a License to Practice Architecture, Professional Engineering, Geology, Landscape Architecture and Surveying in Kansas.

Last names beginning with the initials A-L renew in even numbered years.
Last names beginning with the initials M-Z renew in odd numbered years
  • Architect renewal deadline is June 30th.
  • Professional Engineer renewal deadline is April 30th.
  • Geologist renewal deadline is June 30th.
  • Landscape Architect renewal deadline is December 31st.
  • Surveyor renewal deadline is March 31st.

  • Continuing education activity means an activity that enhances a licensee’s level of technical, professional, managerial or ethical competence in order to further the goal of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. See K.A.R. 66-14-2(b).
  • Each of the continuing education activities…shall meet all of the following criteria: (1) The activity has a definable purpose and objective. (2) The program is conducted by a person qualified in the subject area. (3) The licensee retains a record of registration and attendance. See K.A.R. 66-14-3(b).  See Computation of Credit Chart for more information.
  • Thirty (30) PDHs (Professional Development Hours) are required for each biennial renewal.
  • New licensees are exempt from the continuing education requirement for their first renewal.
  • Licensees in more than one profession are required to have 20 PDHs for each profession.
  • Retain documentation for continuing education for four (4) years. Provide documentation to KSBTP only if licensee is being Audited. (See Audit information below).
  • Carry-over hours are allowed. A maximum of 30 PDHs may be carried forward into the next renewal period. Carry-over hours must be documented if audited.  You must list ALL 30 plus PDHs on the Continuing Education Report Form for carry-over hours and attach documentation in the same order as listed on the form.

Each Surveyor shall complete two (2) PDHs of continuing education on the KANSAS MINIMUM STANDARDS, as adopted by reference in K.A.R. 66-12-1, in each two-year renewal period.  See K.A.R. 66-14-1(b).

If the licensee is a resident of another state, continuing education requirements may be satisfied if the licensee is currently licensed to practice in that state and meets the continuing education requirements of that state. Licensee must provide proof of current licensure. If the state of residence requires no continuing education the licensee must meet the Kansas requirements. Each surveyor, regardless of residence, shall complete the two (2) PDHs of continuing education on the Kansas Minimum Standards, as adopted by reference in K.A.R. 66-12-1.

If a Kansas licensee marks the renewal form as “RETIRED” or DISABLED”, the licensee cannot practice a technical profession in Kansas. In order to return the license to active status, a Return to Practice Application must be completed. This application requires 30 PDHs earned within 2 years of the date of the Return to Practice Application.

If a license is cancelled, a Reinstatement Application must be completed. See Reinstatement application for more information.

A licensee may request an exemption from continuing education due to active duty in the armed forces of the United States if serving a period of time exceeding 120 consecutive days in a calendar year. Licensee would be exempt for 15 PDHs required only during that year.

  • Notification of audit will be mailed at licensee’s renewal time.
  • Records required for Audit: (1) Renewal form, signed and sealed, (2) Completed CE log form, signed and sealed, and (3) Certificates or other documentation of CE events (i.e. agendas; sign-in sheets; course outline but do not include payment verification materials).
  • If PDHs are disallowed by the Board, licensee will have 120 days to substantiate the original claim or to earn other credit to meet the minimum requirement.